The key is in the fact that we're mates. You can throw the best musicians in the world together, but if they're not mates it's just not going to happen. Music is a celebration of life, laughter and happiness, and only mates can bring it all together.

You know the guy people flock to at a party? Meet Joe. Relaxed, funny; the consummate professional. Take a bit of Elvis, throw in some Frank Sinatra, a touch of Michael Buble and a whole lot of soul and you've pretty much got it. He brings the party, whether you're ready or not.


Journalist by day, musician at night. Like the whole Clark-Kent/Superman thing. If playing piano was like saving the world. Which its not. But, Shannon will save you a whole lot of stress and worry when planning your event. On stage and off he's taking care of all your worries.


Damo's that guy everyone wants in their band. And we have him. Not just a brillinat guitar player, but an all round musical guru who's played with some of Australia's finest musicians, runs his own recording studio and is Bluetrain's musical direction. 


It's all about the bass for our very own Wilbur, when he's not rubbing shoulders with Melbourne's corporate elite he's getting down and dirty bringing the funk better than anyone we know. Slapping both electric and double bass Will has been supplying our bottom end for more than a decade.


Among Melbourne's most sought after drummers, he sings, he drums, he keeps it all together and he knows how to have a good time. Bryn fills his time teaching and working in musical theatre so is as happy rocking out to Bruno Mars as much as Les Miserables.

She might be young, but Natalie's a vertan of Melbourne's music scene. With a voice that will knock your socks off, Natalie brings a touch of sass to the Bluetrain lineup.


They don't get much better, and that's why we can't guarantee him at every show. Having toured Australia most recently as Guy Sebastian's horns director Sam is in hot demand so we use him and a bunch of his best mates who are just as good as our main man.











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